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into minimums and rand paul an unlikely ally. >> mandatory minimum sentencing, i think, has done little to address the problem of drug abuse, and doing a great deal of damage by destroying so many lives. >> in 2004 when weldon angelos went to trial after turning down the plea barringon, he faced more than 100 years in prison. he was convicted on three gun counts and one drug charge. federal judge paul cassal, a conservative republican was obliged to sentence weldon angelos to 55 years in federal prison without the possibility of parole. paul cassal called it unjust, cruel and irrational adding that weldon angelos faced a longer term than criminals who commit three aircraft hijackings, three second degree murders, three kidnappings or rapes. >> in his sentencing document he called on george w. bush to commute of the sentence. >> there's no question weldon angelos committed a crime and should be punished. but 55 years. he'll be in prison until he's 80. we will spend $1,500,000 in locking him up angelos's eldest son antony, then seven. >> 55 years is more than you lived so far. have you be
of a theology for some on the political right including speaker john boehner, paul ryan and other catholics in congress who don't really seem to pay much attention to church teaching when it comes to economic justice and the role of deposit. so even today president obama referenced pope francis on a major speech on inequality. i think this pope is breaking through with a moral message that's going to have an impact on our political debate. >> ster janine how is his message playing in political circles? >> his message basically i think he says it very well in his apostolic letter that he issued a few weeks ago where he says if a person, those who are rich if they do not share their goods they're really stealing from the poor. he talking about the common good, that the earth and the goods of the earth are for all of us. and we need to be concerned, and share what we have. and i think this message, really, is getting through to all of us. politicians included, to wake us up, to prick our conscience. and you know, that's what he is doing. he is pricking our conscience. to think about the things
threatening. joining us live from denver, with a look at what is being done to protect them, and paul, what can you tell us? >> well, stephanie, here in denver, it is a clear beautiful day, but bitter cold. it is really only about five degrees now after hitting a record low of 13 below last night. there's no end in sight tonight is expect tock get out of the teens until monday, and not above freezing maybe tuesday when we may see a temperature in the mid 30's. it is difficult for everybody, a lot community like so many american cities right behind me is the denver rescue mission it is one of the largest homeless service providers and they have been running at capacity last night they slept 315 people in that building. that means they put down mats in their chapels in their hallways and used every bed they had, they also had another 150 people and another facility a little further from downtown when we heard from other homeless organizations that they are also running. so the cold and inconvenience for some, but life threatening for others here being service bedty homeless organizations. >>
of politics involved in this, because paul ryan is a rising star last year. so john boehner and other republicans don't want to start raining on his proposal before they even come out because they do need to give some room to be a leader. unless you're against paul ryan. there is some power politics in play at this moment as well. >> mike, you mentioned the white house not wanting to spend any political capitol on this. don't they have a reduced pile of capital at 1600-- >> not much left. by a lot of polls, he's in the same place as far as his approval rating was as president bush was in his second term. the only one with lower approval rating is congress. if you're the white house, and you've been burned with this process being associated with it in public so many times. congress is a curious animal. it has it's only buy ways and folk ways, and these deals get worked on behind the scenes. it's a mess. everyone is disgusted by it. if you're the president, and--here's another thing. you talk about a grand bargain. the president has suffered a great deal over the botched
the caveat that has the sayinsaying that it could fall t as any deal in congress. but paul ryan and patty measure which are very close to striking a deal on the budget that would roll back some of the sequester cuts and have new fees and keep government pending and avoid another government shutdown. >> new fees. riddle me this, when is a fee increase, ginger, not a tax. >> it's not a tax when republicans support it. they're trying to craft increases in fees more revenue into the budget that republicans can get hyped who said no new taxes. some of this is expanding the base more people paying a fee by giving more access. increases and fees that have not been addressed in a long time. we don't know which ones specifically they'll sign off on. >> ginger, where is the trouble likely to come from, the left? the right? >> reporter: it will come from both sides. paul ryan will have to make a hard sale to republicans in his caucus. it's not clear whether or not the majority of republicans would back any deal. most of them oppose any extra spending, and democrats in the senate who think that tax i
people at the table are congressman paul ryan and democratic senator patty murray of washington state. >> we're going to find the common ground between our two budgets that we can both vote on and that's our goal. >> no steps forward means no relief from sequester cuts with more on the way. and senate republican leaders don't son concerned. >> i think it's a bad idea to revisit a law that is actually working and reducing spending for the government. >> not all republicans are at peace with it. congressman howell rogers of kentucky chairs the appropriations committee and says the current cuts and the next round are gruesome. >> a $20 billion cut to the military above and beyond what they already sustained. that would be very, very severe. >> reporter: congressman moran questions the real incentive for getting a deal done. >> we could fix the budget situation in a bipartisan way won hours, but the leadership doesn't want that done. they don't want to make deals. >> during back the sequester and preventing another government shut down would required them working together and that would b
and funded. paul ryan chairman of the house and patty murray, one republican one democrat engaging in talks, don't expect them to come up with a big proposal but a modest proposal could keep the government funded and running past the next deadline we're watching, january 15th. that's the real one. this friday is fairly arbitrary. if they botch that, if they can't come to any agreement the sky doesn't fall. but it's the january 15th deadline they're trying to get ahead of. we are seeing that they are going to try to come up with sequester cuts, the question is how to pay for them. we're watching for something like user fees, perhaps cuts to federal worker workers benefits. issues that the members of the committee are trying to hammer out. stay tuned. >> talk about hammering things out, a budget isn't the only thing that congress is trying to hammer out. what else tops that agenda? >> it is a big agenda. harry reid laid it out for us this afternoon. >> we must address the issue of additional sanctions against iran, we must address the jobs conference report, medicare keeping doctors by adjust
rand paul. mandatory minut minimum sentencs destroyed so many lives. in 2004 after he went to trial after turning down the plea bargain he faced 100 years in prison for marijuana a and gun charges he was convicted on three counts and one gun charge. >> he was onl on o obliged to se him to 50 years in jail. >> he has a longer term than three hijackings or three kidnappings or three raims. rap. >>. >> there is no question that he committed a crime and he should be punished. but 5 55 years? he will be in jail until he is 85 years old. >> in the court that day his eldest son anthony then seven 55 grease55years is more than you e lived so fare. so far you hav vur have you beee to grasp what that is i in your head. >> i just wonder if my dad will fer get ouever get out and if ie him before i'm 18. >> i'm sorry. >> it's okay. >> all of his appeals have been exhaustioned. thinks only hope of leaving prison before his 8 80th 80th birthday is clemency. >> a cause his sister is championing. even good people make mistakes i think his mistake cost him his life. that is what we are hoping to chan
't have a lot of money. >> we do receive federal funding for free and reduced price meals. in st. paul we have kids that are eligible, but that has not stopped us from engaging with our kids and our community. you'll find that to be the case across the country. we engage our kids all the time, the fruit and vegetable program, fresh fruit, the farm to school program. we have bison, wild rife, flaxseed, and fresh chicken. doing a lot of things that many districts are. i think if you were to walk into a school cafeteria, not all of them, but many of them today you're going to see the impact that the regulatio regulations . that has not come at no cost. it's very challenging to make these budgets work. but we lunch ladies are out there trying to do the best job that we can. >> i hope you don't think that that is a disparaging terms. we all loved our lunch ladies. >> some love it, some don't. i happy to like it. >> eliott says responsibility shared by the parents and the schools both should encourage the kids eat healthy and make it available. and deanna said it's the parents responsibility. t
a budget committee. the power really lies in two people. patty murray, and paul ryan. of course the vice presidential candidate last year. and they're trying to figure out a budget, they have to make their presentation to congress. and then they're trying everything they can to avoid another government shoulddown and there is hope that it leads to some compromise can be reached. >> libby if congress is not able to get to the farm bill and some of these other important measures, are stop-gap measures the way to go? >> some things could be dealt with retrotively. things relating to the tax code they will come back and take care of them as the year gets started but that's why people are calling things like the dairy cliff an important issue. $7 for a gallon of milk is something that americans will not be happy with and they are hope that they will come some sort of bills. >> congress is under fire, for not being very productive in the last year. >> reporter: that's right. it's being called the do-nothing congress from many quarters because of the small number of actual laws that they have b
of the budget committee and the senate, and paul ryan over in the house, they're working together to cook something up. we got insight from dick durbin and he referenced unemployment benefiting is the president wants to see rolled in a big deal. senate wants that, republicans don't. >> what i hear from patty murray, i spoke to her the other night. negotiations are making progress, moving in the right direction. they have not closed a deal but i hope as part of it the negotiators will take to part ht what the president had to say. >> reporter: wrapping unemployment benefits extension that run out in late december into this deal. the republicans are balking at that. they're trying to replace the sequester cuts, where they get the money to pay for those is the big sticking point. they're looking at user fees, that will be unveiled as the week goes on. no big shutdown news just yet. >> and the issue of plastic guns. it sounds like it's something new with 3d printers but this is old. >> reporter: that's right. since 1988 there has been a ban on producing all plastic guns. they had to contain a
that are federally insured from risky behavior. we don't want to endanger those deposited. >> named after paul vol kerr, the former federal reserve chairman, the rule banned banks that take federally insured deposits from engaging in so called proprior tear trading. >> widely seen as the center piece of the wall street reform and consumer protection act, it has become contentious, because unlike glassed eagle it does not ban all trading. >> banks can still trade securities or execute trades for their customers. and for years now, regulators have been rangeling with how to distinguish those ben nine trades from ones that can harm a bank. >> those who favor a tough interpretation, point to the $6 billion trading loss jpmorgan chase incurred in the london whales scandal. whether the rule changes the excesses only time will tell. patricia, al jazeera, new york. >> a man we are about to talk to says the financial crisis of 2008 had nothing to do with proprior tear trading by banks and he says the rule and the to be frank act will not do enough to address the real issues. compensation risk taking on wal
-life imitates hollywood. fans remember "fast and furious" star paul walker who died in a fiery crash. "fast and furious" not in the conversation >> paul walker's autopsy is being delayed. it's being postponed to wait for dental records. walker is known for the "fast and furious." he died in a fiery car crash outside los angeles. officials say the body was unidentifiable after being badly burnt. walker's fans are honouring his life. his latest project "fast and furious vii" will be put on hold. >> ross is here with sport. a wild day in the nfl. >> teems lighting up the scoreboard. denver broncos and kansas city chief fighting for the division. and the number one season in the play-offs. peyton manning coming off to a loss. things didn't look good early on. mile davis, looky here. anyway you want to say it, you can kiss him goodbye. 108 yards to the happy place. jumps out to a 21-7 lead. no lead is safe with peyton manning. check out the pass to eric dekker. that's pretty stuff. tied up at 21. dekker in a giving mood. he gives - better to give than receive. he was receiving all kinds of stuf
, then you're a prime candidate for the annual contest. paul brennan remembered to go along too. >> there are people in this room who can memorize the order of more than 20 packs of playing cards. recall more than 300 random spoken numbers. and remember a sequence of binary numbers more than 4,000 digits long. it seems unbelievable until you see them do it. >> it's boring sitting and looking at numbers but the truth is that during the memorization time, we create a lot of pictures, sounds in our minds, our mind because our memory is really colorful and is really, really something occupying yeah. >> during ten separate trials of recall there is the world reig reigning champion and a smattering of other champions. the philippines is well represented despite last month's devastating typhoon. what's remarkable is not only the feats of concentration, but the spread of the sport in recent years. more than 30 countries are represented at this world championships, including for the first time, countries such as algeria. meet algeria's reignin reigning. reigning champion. memory challeng
doesn't sign. that's the message. an n.a.t.o. summit is being attended in brussels. paul brennan is there for us. why can't n.a.t.o. wait for a signature until after the april elections as hamid karzai wants? >> basically because n.a.t.o. says it would be too late to do that. they need a degree of certainty. they are pressing on hamid karzai to sign the agreement because he has agreed to it in principal with talks with secretary of state john kerry. there are budgetary cycles, planning cycles. you can't switch on and off military trainers. they need a degree of certainty for this to happen. if we don't get the signature on that the zero option will have to be on the table and that is an option where the troops will have to be pulled out. it's an option at this point, nout one they are afraid of threatening, if hamid karzai does not sign the agreement. john kerry described it as needing the best transition possible. and in order to do that they need months of transitioning. it's not good enough to leave it until april. >> in ukraine, the government demonstrations in kiev have been
and the names of 46 priests must be released and includes 33 priests in st. paul, minnesota and 13 more in the wionna diocese and an attorney says the decision is a milestone especially for those who have not come forward. >> survivors who are suffering alone in silence thinking they are the only ones who were abused can now know they may not be alone. >> reporter: and they have until december 17 to make the names public. the american civil liberties union is suing the catholic bishops and saying it's on guidelines they oppose on abortions on church-run hospitals and say they were negligent and sites a case of a woman who was not told continuing her pregnancy continued grave problems and she was from michigan and her baby died in hours and the conference of bishops is not commenting on the case. a growing call for changes and invitro fertilization is performed in the u.s. and they want doctors to transfer only one embryo into a women per cycle and the goal is to reduce multiple births and carrying multiples during pregnancy increases premature birth and suggested guidelines go to women
to percade hamid karzai to sign. keeping u.s. military troops past 2014. after a second day of talks, paul joins us. >> n.a.t.o. officials meet with afghan's foreign minister. could we be closer to a signature. >> i think the principal you have to think of when you talk about these meetings, is like an apple press. you tighten the pressure in the hope that the juice flows. there's a blockage in the pipeline. it is hamid karzai. he's not willing to sign the bilateral agreement. even john kerry will not speculate as to why he will not sign it. hamid karzai at the moment says no. susan rice went to kabul, he said no. as john kerry says on tuesday here in brussels, there are some 50 nations who are part of the effort to stablilize afghanistan. they have budgetary cycles, planning cycles, and you don't turn off military cycles like this. there has to be planning involved. n.a.t.o. says it needs the signature before the end of the year. n.a.t.o. officials said any signature will do. hamid karzai says he will not sign it until next year. could it strain relations with president hamid karzai. >> i
on the streets than in the shelters. paul, appreciate it. let's be more on the weather in the west, now here is dave. >> yeah, the big issue here is this cold air that is pushed down from the north, and it is close to the surface, once you get further south. at first these temperatures -- these are the current readings, gusty winds but right about zero in north dakota, denver there the official reading at 7:00, further south, we get to 25 in oklahoma city, but just above freezing there in dallas. now this is cold air that is coming right at the surface. look at these two temperatures 20 and 50. that's a little different here, because it isn't the space between them. so obviously temperatures well above freezing. as you go up in the atmosphere. you are getting the temperature of 50, and it is falling into air, which aids 20 degrees right at the surface. they need to freeze it before it hits the ground. that's where you get the coating of ice. by tomorrow morning another wave of moisture moves in. this is just a big large area. of either sleet or freezing air. get ice accumulations of at least
of people were sent to the hospital. the highway, though, did reopen later that afternoon. >>> paul walker is being remembered tonight. fans set up a memorial of candles where he died yesterday. the 40-year-old was killed whether his friend lost control of a porsche outside of los angeles. he was on his way to a charity event. universal studios said fast and furious 7 will now be put on hold. >>> still ahead on al jazeera america, reaching for the moon. in two weeks, china is expected to land on the lunar surface for the first time. we will go to sri lanka where one out of five people suffers from diabetes. what they are doing to try to turn those numbers around. >> these companies are a rogue force. >> one environmentalist says fossil fuels equal disaster. will his movement add up to change? >> we will fight it together. >> al jazeera america presents: do the math. >>> china wants to be a leader in outer space. in the month, it will get one step closer: it's first lunar frob will land on the moon in two weeks. >> reporter: named after an ancient chinese moon goddess, china helps to land
-102, incredible scene last night. you thought it was great in seattle. >> right. >> who was that man paul george? >> he is maybe, maybe the second best blare in the league right now behind lebron james. k is saying a lot. >> yeah. >> all right, thank you, sir. >> europe's most active volcano is putting on quite a fiery show, mount ed that, erupted monday night, fell on several towns near the crater, but no evaccases were ordered. it has been an active year, this is its 19th eruption since january. dave warren is up next with the forecast, we are back in a moment, this is al jazeera america. about a big arctic blast, this is the arctic front. minneapolis at 35 degrees. this cold air is coming on top of know, and really dumped about a foot. this is video that came in here the past day. people were out of school, but the snow is coming down like this. but the snow will continue. in another four to five-inches on top of that, they should be in school, but they are not. they are taking the day off. always like to get a snow day. looks like the temperatures will be dropping though. so that snow may no
girlfriend said he attacked her. finally, injuries continuing to playing nets. paul pierce is the latest to go down. the net swing man will be out with a broken hand he injured in the first half of friday's loss at houston. >> jessica, appreciate it. thank you. coming up on al jazeera america, a former new orleans police officer is on trial for the second time after being acquitted of killing a man in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. also. >> i am rob reynolds in bangladesh on the report of the appalling conditions in this country's tannery industry. prisoners paying the price? >> what are you talking about, he's dead. >> an exclusive investigation into prison health care. >> welcome back to sarkese. here is a look at top stories. police in thailand have been using rubber bullets and tear gag against anti-government protesters. the obama administration says two months of fixes have made a huge difference for the government's healthcare website. however, some users say there are still major glitches and insurance companies have complained they are not getting consumer information passe
, as if the 5 and 12 nets don't have enough problems, now, they will be without swingman paul pierce for the next two to four weeks: a broken right hand. that means pierce will miss his first meeting when brooklyn hosts thebast celtics. i am jessica taff. >> we will talk to you a little later. thanks. >>> next, out of control, sunday's deadly derailment and what it may say about america's rails. plus, drone delivery, amazon's promise for the future. will the it really happen? and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5pm et / 2pm pt only on al jazeera america >> welcome back to al jazeeras america on this monday, december 2nd, 2013, i am john siegenthaler seeing in new york. some the top stories, america spent holiday dollars often monday on what may be the easiest he ecommerce day of the year the most important shopping day of the season? the obama administration promised an improved healthcare wen sight in november. reviews are mixed. some are having trouble signing up. insurers say they are not gett
paul ryan and senate democrats are working on a plan. if they can get it done, it could help the government avoid a shut down for the next few years. we have more from washington. >> i'm glad to be here. >> the 29 members of congress who sit on the budget conference committee have nine more days to come up with a fiscal plan they can sell to their colleagues. december 13 is the last day both the house and senate are scheduled to be in session this year. that's d-day for the budget conference. don't expect to it accomplish major savings and reform. >> i don't expect a grand bargain. i don't expect a medium bargain. that i expect a mini bargain. >> both sides want to avoid a looming deadline january 15, which is when a government shut down would be triggered unless congress reaches a deal. many hope to face the spending cuts known as sequestration. >> the sequester was designed to be the worst of all possible fiscal policies, so oh unacceptable that both political parties would run away from it and come to some better agreement. >> congress couldn't agree and the cuts kicked in
budget paul ryan are finalizing details of a deal to presents to congress this week, does this look like it will get past both houses? i know we don't know the details yet. >> it is to watch closely and the clock is ticking and i don't know if it will get done in time but there is a chance they can get it done in time to prevent disaster which is what we wants to do. >> reporter: democrats are pub pushing for the bill involving 1.3 million americans, on saturday president obama had this to say about the benefits, have a listen, joe. >> now that economic lifeline is in jeopardy. all because republicans in this congress, which is on track to the most unproductive in history have so far refused to extend it. >> reporter: why do republicans want to see the emergency benefits end? >> well, i think republicans like democrats support the idea of making sure that people who lost their jobs have some kind of a fallback, but the question becomes how long. if you extend the unemployment benefits that is longer than currently right now, they are scheduled to expire i think on december 28, part of
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)